For the Sake of us All

“When Israel fulfills her calling, the world will be a better place” The following open invitation is for Pastors who sense God’s prompting to understand Israel’s role in the times we now live. To be clear, I am not a pastor but appreciate and honor those called by God to shepherd His sheep. It takes...
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Dear Church…

Shalom Mishpacha,One of the difficult aspects of studying the Bible is to keep in mind that it is one book. When Paul wrote that all scripture was profitable, the only portion available was the Hebrew Bible, which Christians named the Old Testament. Sadly “old” has connotations to it, like “old shoes” and ”old folks.” It has something...
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Wars and Rumors

Once again Bibles are being opened to find passages from the Old Testament prophecies regarding the events of the End Times. I shudder to think at the same moment many Christians were fist bumping at the thought of Jesus’ near return, Israelis were waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of...
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Have We Been Left With No Solution?

Many folks are still concerned about what is going on in Israel–how and when will it end–and who is the bad guy? On the other hand, far more people have lost interest and have enough to be concerned about. Besides, Israel is just another country, so why all the attention? Since you have read this...
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The Finish Line

Before I begin my New Year, I want to thank every one of you who has played a positive role in the years gone by through Comfort My People.  This is God’s doing but you joined in because of His compelling love as did Marla and I at the beginning. This is according to His eternal...
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“It is time for You to act!”

Psalm 119:126 There are several times in the Bible when God displayed a dramatic performance that was unmistakably Him. We call them miracles, some bigger than others. Most of the time, God used people who acted according to His word and history was altered. We are in one of those times, when we desperately need...
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Irrational Hatred~Israel at War

“Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!” Psalm 83:4 How would you feel if you woke up to a call from your former commanding officer, ordering you to report to duty after completing six years of service in high-level Air Force intelligence? How would...
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A Noble Theme

with B’Yachad tour report “My heart is stirred by a noble theme” Psalm 45:1 Part of our group in the Golan Heights Shalom Mishpacha, The theme is Israel, but what makes it noble? If you watch the news, it’s difficult to find much evidence. If you read your Bible, the pages are saturated with poor...
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“The Jews have no bible they can read—Impossible!”

Americans have dozens of English Bibles available with one click. It is hard to conceive of a people group who still lack a Bible in their own language, especially because their ancestors wrote it. This sounds shocking, even hard to believe, but it describes the situation in Israel to this day. The Hebrew Bible is...
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Tale of Two Solutions

Generation Gap or Jesus Gap? For years I have been in an echo chamber saying;   “The church must capture this generation for Jesus before we lose them!” And for years the church has tried to do so in creative ways, but to what end? Before you label me as a complaining critic with a...
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Living by Design

Ancient Solution to our Modern Dilemma As Believers in Jesus, the Messiah, we have been given a better way of living. Generosity is at the heart of it. Money is not the essence, but an indicator of who we are. We give it away because we have received far more than the currency this world...
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Purim for Christians? Chag Purim Sameach! or Happy Purim! There remains untapped significance of Purim for both Christians and Jews. Its origin is in Persia, which is now modern day Iran. Purim means “lots” and was a method of choosing by elimination. That is how Haman and his cohorts chose a certain day to begin...
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Melody of One returns!

There is a light shining brighter in the church today. It has been only a flicker for generations but is now preparing to blaze forth into the Nations. The Light of God, the Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the world, is beaming with laser focus to make clear His eternal purpose — that the...
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Why did God choose to use the Hebrew language?

נגלת“Niglata“ “Who has believed our report?And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed (niglata)?” Isaiah 53:1 The Hebrew word “Niglata” can mean, “having been made to be revealed.” That sounds strange, but it is an example of the complexity of the verb forms of the Hebrew Bible. Niglata is also foundational to...
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Mourning to Dancing

Hope in Yeshua Will never Fail Banchi is one of the Beta Israel single mothers living in Jerusalem. She made Aliyah from Ethiopia with her seven children. A team of social workers was able to send three of her children to boarding school, but even with that help, it was challenging to raise them. Multitudes...
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Reflections on my recent trip to the Land

About a week ago, I returned home from Israel. In spite of a few hurdles, I had the opportunity to meet with Brothers and Sisters from all of our ministry partners. Our relationship was noticeably different in this regard; “Mishpacha”–which means family–is no longer an endearing term to me, but a reality. ‘Family’ describes a...
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Ukraine tragedy through the eyes of a Messianic Believer Shalom Mishpacha, (family) The issues surrounding Ukraine have created another global tragedy that will eventually have a ripple effect on nations far away. Israel is one of those nations, not so far away, but deeply affected. As with all things Israel, it is complicated. My desire...
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Little Hearts–Big Vision

Peace in Jerusalem As a couple walked outside the walled compound in Jerusalem, they heard young children’s voices and peals of laughter. Sounds of pure joy drifted into the street. The couple stopped to listen. Surprised to hear a mixture of languages, including Hebrew, Arabic and English, their mouths dropped open in disbelief. Meanwhile, swings...
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                                                                                           ______________________________________________________________ Shalom Mishpocha, (Family) Lately, I have written about the condition of our civilization and how divisive it has become. There is one thing though that sane people can agree on, which is that our children are precious. A common saying across most cultures is that “children are our hope for...
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Understanding the times

Our civilization is at risk. I urge you to consider without bias the present condition of our nation and the underlying fear that has become a cultural distinction. Now in my seventh decade, I can say with certainty, that it has not always been this way. Clearly, there have been many times where fear rained...
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Miriam’s Story (part two)

Soon after her salvation, Miriam abruptly vanished, leaving no trace of her whereabouts for over five years. The father of her child had become violent and threatening, so Miriam had scrapped her cell phone and fled with her boyfriend to the Negev in the South of Israel, where they opened a restaurant together. Then one...
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Miriam’s Story part one

Miriam’s story: Israeli mother escapes abortion twice through the power of hope “She chose life simply because she had hope,” said Sandy Shoshani, national director of Be’ad Chaim, one of the few Messianic pro-life ministries in Israel. Warmth layered her voice as she spoke of Miriam, now a thriving mother of three. Within the span...
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A New Season

Shalom means hello, goodbye, and peace. Many of you know that almost twenty-two years ago we said goodbye to our home, family, and friends in New York in response to God’s leading to move to Virginia. Less than a year ago we sensed that same call to another destination. If you asked me even a...
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Hanukkah 2020

If ever there was a year when we needed light and laughter it is this one. The good news is embedded in Hanukkah. I will explain with an anecdote. In the early 1940’s a Rabbi from Berlin was brought before Adolf Hitler to his office. Of course, it was a fearful moment for the Rabbi...
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“Do not cling to me,..”

John 20:17 “Do not cling to me,..” John 20:17 To ‘cling’ is to embrace deeply. How could she not cling to you? You were all she had. Every other man used her like a towel and tossed her out to dry. “When you died, Jesus, there was no one left who cared.” This seems so...
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“…and ordered them not to make Him known.”

“…not to make him known?”                                                   Matthew 12:16 ESV Why wouldn’t Jesus want them to make Him known? Isn’t this precisely what He commanded His followers to do before He ascended to Heaven? What am I missing here? This was not a suggestion but a clear command, as a five star General would command his...
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The Future

What are the options for the future of our Nation? Preparing for a big move is a major shift from the norm of daily life to preparation for the future. Actually this is not news. Covid 19 put the brakes on normalcy and put into question what the future would look like. Then came the...
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“Is there not a cause?”

spoken by David before he became King For consecutive nights I have witnessed the mayhem of our nation unfold on our city streets. I was shocked with the rest of you to see lawlessness rampage unfettered. My mind was reeling at the destruction in real-time of a police station under siege without any resistance, and...
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Saint or Sinner?

Can you be both? “Saints”…the biblical name given to represent the best view of humanity. We have all been made in the image of the Creator. But not all have been redeemed and made new in the image of the Son. That is where the title saint finds its origin. The name sinner is given...
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By Faith

By Faith Thanks to Covid 19 we are all living by faith. It matters not if we trust the Administration’s guidelines, the conspiracy theories, or our own assessment. We are now making decisions for which previously we gave no thought. “Should I or shouldn’t I drive to where there may be other people?”—is a question...
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In times of Trouble…

It seems as if everyone has something to say about these strange days we are living in. Well, I suppose it’s my turn. As the news broke out about this worldwide virus approaching our shores and creeping into our neighborhoods, I took notice that I was not a primary target. Even though I am in...
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A Good Bialy is Hard to Come by

Years ago when we lived in New York, I was a volunteer chaplain in the Nassau County Jail, not far from New York City. On my way back home from a Sunday morning service, I had an ancient gastronomic urge to get a bagel and a cup of coffee, which was a common feature of...
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Loving Holocaust Survivors

The Ripple Effect of God’s Calling – Dima His vision had taken root in my heart I remember when I met Rabbi Stewart four years ago in Jerusalem. I overheard him sharing with a pastor friend of mine about his vision for serving Holocaust Survivors. I was not supposed to be at this meeting, but...
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Something is wrong – Abort

Oria is 47 years old, she is a Jewish religious woman originally from South America. Her and her husband emigrated to Israel nearly three years ago. Together they have two older daughters aged 20 and 17. In the past, Oria and her husband decided they didn’t want to have any more children and Oria went...
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The Light Source

I think Hanukah is widely misunderstood to be a Jewish version of Christmas in miniature. Each day candles are lit and small gifts given to the children. But is that all? One candle is added each night with a Hebrew prayer. Often we sing the age old song: “One for each night they shed a...
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The Bride and the Dream

Rarely does this happen, but this morning I awoke from a dream and immediately was told by God its significance. After which He told me to get my iPad and begin writing, which I am now doing. In the dream my friend from Israel called me to say he wanted me to come to South...
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Is It Now Time to Run From the Hills?

Last week while walking through the quaint town of Gedara in Israel, I came upon a street sign which pointed to Jabotinsky Street. I have seen several other streets with the same name in other Jewish towns and cities. It is with good reason. Ze’ev Jabotinsky was a Russian Jew who lived as close in...
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Weeping Over Jerusalem

The Jewish culture has a unique relationship with mourning. The Jewish experience is often defined with solemn days of remembrance. Twice a year a siren sounds across Israel and society halts. This is done once to remember the Holocaust, and again on Memorial Day to honor the soldiers who fell in the defense of Israel as...
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Photo Credit to Ana Tablas of Unsplash

A Life Saved

I want to share the story of just one of our “moms” with you. I think that Galit is a good example of the moms whom we help. Galit, who lives in Haifa, made Aliya (immigration) to Israel from South America nine years ago. She has a two-year-old son and recently gave birth to her...
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Melody of One featuring Aaron Shust and Joshua Aaron in New York City

The Story Behind Melody of One

In 2017, Comfort My People’s yearly Israeli Advocacy Tour visited Nazareth village, a condensed replica of the town as it was in Jesus’ day. The tour concluded that day in the synagogue where Jesus would have given his last message before he was driven from the town. Our Messianic tour guide gave such an inspiring...
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Image by Lucas Favre of Unsplash.

The Ransom

“For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. I give Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in exchange for you.” – Isaiah 43:3 (ESV) Why did God have to give up Egypt, Cush, and Seba as a ransom? (a) He had no other choice (b) Times were tough...
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Comfort My People Blog - "Have a Nice Flight!"

“Have a Nice Flight!”

Foreword from Author Shalom dear friends, Much of Comfort My People’s ministry involves travel. I thank God for airplanes and airports and the disciplined training of those who get us there and make that possible. Though the ministry of Comfort My People is centered on Israel, our mission statement is to “restore the light to...
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Photo from Comfort My People Advocacy Tour in Israel

The Rock and the Roots (Part 2)

Let me pause for a minute and here is why: throughout the history of the church in what became known as the Western world, the Old Testament was considered irrelevant, often referred to as the “Jewish book.” That is tragic because the New Testament tells why the Old is so relevant. “Now these things happened...
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Photo of Ein Gedi, Israel by Robert Bye of Unsplash.

The Rock and the Roots (Part 1)

How many of us could say with full assurance that ”My salvation is rock solid, I cannot be moved—my sins are forgiven, never to be brought back to haunt me or accuse me?” If so, is it because you are going through a good season or just having a good day? The reality of human...
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Image credited to SpaceX from Unsplash

A Launch into the Deep

On February 21, Israel launched its first rocket to the moon from U.S. soil. It was a historic moment for the citizens of Israel – both to have the launch opportunity through their relationship with the United States and to accomplish a feat that only the three great super powers (the U.S., Russia, and China)...
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Tree in Israel by Milada Vigerova of Unsplash

The God of Israel (Part 2)

If the Bible is truly inspired by God, it must be readily understood. It must also have a message that is consistent throughout. Before I was saved, I read several ‘holy books’ (at least in part from all the major religions). None of them made sense to me (other than some quotes scattered within) which...
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Image of Old City of Jerusalem by Sander Crombach of Unsplash

The Israel of God (Part 1)

“And as for all who walk by this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God.” – Galatians 6:16 (ESV) “For I tell you that Christ became a servant to the circumcised to show God’s truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs,” – Romans 15:8 (ESV)...
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Photo by Marc Olivier Jodoin of Unsplash


Paula in flight I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at our departure gate in Dulles and counted the 23 participants present for our Israeli Advocacy Tour. Months of planning had gone into this and I was looking forward to a cup of coffee when I noticed my boarding pass seemed to indicate...
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Breaking the Bias and Facing the Truth about Palestinian Refugees

In regards to the seemingly global problem of refugees, Israel can teach us a lesson of success on the heels of tragedy. In 1948 when Israel was declared a Jewish State by the United Nations, all hell broke loose in the Land of the Prophets. It came as no surprise to the new-born nation due to the...
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Israel and her Refugee Dilemma

Israel and the Refugees The Mosaic Law is very clear, You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD, your God. Leviticus 19:34 However the Israeli government is having a difficult time...
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Tikkun Olam and the Winter Olympics

Many years ago, God revealed His plan for humanity’s well being and a life worth-living to a man named Abraham. Even further, he gave to Abraham the means to succeed. He gave him the “blessing.” He then explained His broader purpose for this blessing, It was so that all the families of the earth would...
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Celebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday with Us this October

2018 marks the 70th Birthday of modern day Israel! Join us as we travel, not only to walk where Jesus walked but to gain a fresh perspective of what is happening in the land today. Will you join us? Our Israeli Advocacy Tour is for anyone who has a desire to discover the roots of...
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A New Thing

“I will do a new thing” Isaiah 43:19 The Lord is doing a “new thing” in Israel these days. But it is really an old thing. “behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when it shall no longer be said, ‘As the Lord lives who brought up the people of Israel out of the...
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The Pretzel Man

Yesterday morning, I took Ruth home following our Thursday morning meeting at ANM. “Mom Ruth” became a widow recently. Before her husband, Gordon, the ANM chaplain, became ill and died, she attended the meetings every week. In fact, her presence added spiritual vitality to our gatherings. However, when she asked me the night before if...
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Jerusalem at sunset

You’re invited to tour Israel this October

Why go to Israel? And why now?? For many years I heard people say they would love to go to Israel some day. Not me. I always assumed that one day I would be living in the City that descends from above, the New Jerusalem. I would just have to wait. That all changed in...
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Girls rescued from temple prostitution

May 2017 – Blessed to be a Blessing

Dear friends, “in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” –a covenant that has never been revoked! Genesis 12:3 God’s message to do good to the nations of the world is threaded throughout His Word. He also has a method and a means to accomplish it, using His most powerful weapon, ‘the blessing.’...
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Goa Arambol India

Please pray for my mother, she is dying

I am a firm believer that God gave man coffee. I suppose tea also applies, because either one can open the door for meaningful conversation. What would otherwise be an ordinary building, a coffee shop can be a place where lives are transformed in a community setting. Alex and I were sitting in the back...
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The Juggler

Part One Yosef Ben Chaim means Joseph Son of Life. He is the 11th son in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Israel. I met him in India. It was an unlikely meeting, but there appeared to be nothing of the average in this young man, even though he thought very little of himself and even...
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Richshaw india loaded with lumber

Building in Third-World Environments Begins with Building Relationships

We came to Dharwad to be of assistance to the ministry of Caring Hands. Our plans were to train three pastors in the use of tools and basic carpentry. Since we cannot bring tools with us, the challenge in India as in most countries is to find the needed tools and materials that are made...
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Jew with tallit at the Western Wall

That They All May Be One

The message of the Gospel in the New Testament was to the “Jew first” and then to the Gentile. It is not a question of preference as some would have us believe. God loves the gentiles every bit as much as He loves the Jews. However, it is a question of priority. Jesus clearly followed...
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Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

December 2016 Newsletter

Blessed Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! It is a rare occurrence for Hanukkah and Christmas Eve to begin at the same time, but it goes along with the times in which we live–unusual. This update may seem irrelevant to those of you who have neither children nor grandchildren, but that is not my intention. My hope...
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What is Peace?

Peace. What is peace? The absence of conflict? The absence of worry? The absence of stress? The absence of problems? Is it enough time? Enough money? Enough recognition? Enough love? Can peace be defined as the absence of chaos? Shalom. Shalom is a Hebrew word for peace that permeates Old Testament Scripture.  Shalom does not...
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inside the airplane

Ready for Takeoff

When I make plane reservations for myself or team members, I try to reserve aisle seats for a few reasons. First, it is the “servant seat.” It provides the advantage of helping the flight attendant and those seated beside you to pass trays and trash back and forth. It is easy to move into the...
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View from the 17th Floor

I awoke this morning in the 17th floor apartment of a Holocaust survivor woman named Clara and her husband Eliya. They live in Netanya, Israel. Brian, the founder of Abundant Bread of Salvation, introduced us to them and requested our stay. We arrived late, but that did not hinder Clara from coming to the ground...
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Operation Moses save a baby

Operation Moses – Help Save a Life!

Operation Moses is a ministry of Be’ad Chaim, a pro-life organization in Israel In the land of Israel, abortion is on the rise with one in every four babies aborted. According to an alternative-family organization in Israel, financial worries are the leading cause of abortions in Israel. In response to this need, Be’ad Chaim launched...
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Israel humanitarian aid

Joseph Project – Humanitarian Relief in Israel

With over 20% of Israel’s population living under the poverty line, the Joseph Project is uniquely positioned to be a conduit of help and encouragement to people in need across Israel. Joseph Project Mission Although Israel is a technologically-advanced nation, almost one-quarter of all Israelis (1.7 million people) live in poverty. This is one of...
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bible society jerusalem israel

The Bible Society of Israel

For nearly 200 years, the Bible Society of Israel has been introducing the God of Israel to the People of Israel in the Land of Israel. The Bible Society of Israel Mission With locations in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israelis, as well as visitors from all over the world, can find Bibles in 50...
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idf soldiers with binoculars

Faces Etched with Pain – Thoughts from a Mother in Israel

The following article is a guest post submitted by a Messianic mother in Israel. We recently drove Michael (alias) to Ammunition Hill to send him off for his 3 years of mandatory military service for Israel. As we walked to the gate to tell him goodbye, we passed multitudes of families giving one last hug...
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Jerusalem Israel Tour Advocacy

Israel Advocacy Tour – October 2016

Shalom Chaverim (friends), I am still reeling from a very meaningful and exciting journey to Israel. I have much to tell, but this message is very specific. It is about a new initiative called Israeli Advocacy Tour. Here is the description: ISRAELI ADVOCACY TOUR …a journey to the Land of the Bible, the Prophets, the...
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Pro life israel

New Partner Organization Be’ad Chaim shows Yeshua’s Light in Israel

Comfort My People, a ministry of Advancing Native Missions (ANM), partners with Be’ad Chaim for the pro-life movement and spreading the love of God in Israel. This article is written by one of our new interns, Valerie. As a volunteer at ANM, I first heard of Be’ad Chaim, a pro-life organization in Israel dedicated to...
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Be’ad Chaim, a Pro-Life Ministry in Israel

Be’ad Chaim, a ministry to Israeli mothers and their unborn children Comfort My People has partnered with Be’ad Chaim, a registered Israeli non-profit dedicated to the protection of unborn children and their mothers. A national organization with offices located all over Israel, Be’ad Chaim (which translates to “pro-life” in Hebrew) helps all women, regardless of...
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Hannah at restaurant in Jerusalem

August 2016 – Remembrance

In March of 2010, I found myself in the center of a prayer circle in the Advancing Native Missions conference room. After several people prayed for me, one voice boomed over the others. “God, I am afraid! You brought a Jewish carpenter into our midst and I don’t know what to do with him!” The...
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jewish man reading masoretic text with annotations

The Hebrew Bible is Incomprehensible to Most Jews… but an Annotated Bible is on the Way

For those of us who are concerned about global missions, we recognize the vital need for each people group to have access to a Bible in their own language. Without which, proper growth and discipleship cannot take place. That has been a determining factor for Christians who have courageously smuggled newly published translations across dangerous...
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The Substitute Sherut

In Israel, a Sherut is a mini-van driven by a professional. If you need a ride for more than 4 people and can’t take a public bus, you need to hire one. In the Old City, there are many available, but not many are honest. At the guesthouse where we stay, they recommend honest drivers...
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Ahmed in Jerusalem Israel

Farhan, a Man of Peace in the Old City of Jerusalem

In the Old City of Jerusalem, worlds collide and cultures divide. The area is literally divided into four quarters. The tension becomes tangible at times. This was my third stay in this section where the Armenian, Christian, and Muslim Quarters touch. Farhan, a man of peace I have come to recognize shop owners and they...
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Replacementy theology heresy

Should Replacement Theology be Labeled as Heresy?

Replacement Theology, or “The Elephant in the Room'” (aka “The Snake in the Garden”) Replacement Theology is one topic I wish I did not have to address. No other people group needs to consider being replaced besides the Jews. In fact, the story itself has landed in the lap of Jewish or Messianic Believers to...
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Mario a Jew in Jerusalem

The Story of Mario: A Divine Setup in Jerusalem

“Anything, even a shekel,” he begged in a raspy voice. “Lo, todah,” (no, thanks) I answered. Wrong answer. He knew it and I knew it. My problem was that I was getting used to beggars in Jerusalem. There are many. Unless you walk the streets, you wouldn’t see them. In fact, most Americans don’t realize...
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Why Was She Smiling?

Why was she smiling? That’s not quite accurate. She wasn’t simply smiling – Jessica was exhilarated with laughter. Then she told us why. Tom had to translate. My Swahili was not quite sufficient. “She said that no one had ever treated her this kindly before and made her arm feel better,” Tom told me. But...
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“Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to hell anyway.”

“Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to hell anyway.” I was shocked at first, but then it clicked. She was speaking out of what she believed. A few minutes earlier, I was sitting with a fresh cup of coffee in the Food Court of the airport in Philly. We had about 3 hours before...
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The Master Designer: Weaving Together Lives & Circumstances for His Purposes

And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla (because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome); and he came to them.  Acts 18:2 Paul was alone. Actually, we know that he is never alone, that the Lord is with...
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rabbi teaching jews old city jerusalem

February 2016 – Blessed is He who comes

I love Israel and the Jewish people. That became clearer to me as I awaited our departure from Tel Aviv this past November. I was on the phone to disconnect my Israeli SIM card, a necessary tool I used to communicate while I was in the Land. To avoid late charges, I asked the young...
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Jerusalem israel

Messianic Ministries in Israel

The following ministries in Israel are spreading the Good News in the Holy Land by ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of the people. Be’ad Chaim website: An estimated 40,000 to 50,000 babies are aborted each year in Israel. Be’ad Chaim has counselors stationed in key cities around Israel...
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What is Replacement Theology?

You may have heard the saying, “the mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” The implication is that the process takes time. I want God to remedy an unpleasant situation quickly; He wants to do it completely. In the Bible, the word ‘complete’ is also translated ‘perfect.’ When God is at work on...
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Hanukkah Christmas or both

Christmas or Hanukkah – Can it be both?

Have you ever wondered where the wise men got the idea of following the star to Bethlehem? It was a long and costly journey. But it was their reasonable response. I love Christmas. It is a celebrated time of renewed hope and expectation. I also love Hanukkah. Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication On the Jewish...
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My conversation with Esigie at 30,000 feet

Esigie (pronounced ah-si-jay) is a consultant for the U.S. government in communications systems. He is a well-educated electrical engineer and entrepreneur with a specialized battery pack business operating out of Nigeria, his place of origin. Although he is a very accomplished and educated world traveler, he was quite humble. We hit it off immediately. Within minutes...
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Sharing the Gospel with Tal and Abir

“What a sense of humor,” I told myself as I stumbled sleepily to my aisle seat for my return to the United States. Seated next to me was Tal. That is the Hebrew word for “morning dew.” Her husband, Abir, sat beside her. They were newlyweds on their way to the States for a honeymoon...
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People walking at the airport

Nairobi Airport and the Girls from Denmark

Just as I thought our Kenya experience was over we landed with a 4.5 hour layover in Nairobi. A Kenyan employee who navigated our baggage from one terminal to another advised us to get a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe because of our long wait. When we got there, only a partial table...
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Hope for the hopeless and brokenhearted

Christmas connections in Florida

Not only were we on our way to Florida to see our daughter, son-in-law, and grandbabies, but together, we were going on outreach to one of the projects in Palm Beach. Rachel and Joey had recently become involved with Urban Youth Impact and they were very excited about us joining with them for a day...
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Abraham gave all to Isaac

Abraham Gave All He Had to Isaac

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. Genesis 25:5, “Abraham gave all he had to Isaac.“ Abraham sends all the other sons given to him away with gifts and then “breathed his last” and died. Principle 31: We have been given...
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Rebekah at the well

The Integrity of Abraham

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. “My lord, listen to me: a piece of land worth four hundred shekels of silver, what is that between you and me? Bury your dead.” (Genesis 23:15) Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the...
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The Binding of Isaac

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. He said, “Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which...
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Isaac means laughter

The Birth of Laughter, the Promised Seed

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. Light-hearted living is the way the Seed of the Promise are permitted and enabled to live. And Sarah said, “God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh over me. (more accurately;...
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Golan Heights Israel

The Formation of Israel

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. What does the story of the Jew and the formation of Israel have to do with being a disciple of hope? The answers is found in Romans 8:20-25: For the creation was subjected to...
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sunset over water

The Introduction of Righteousness

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness. (Genesis 15:6 ESV) But he said, “O Lord God, how am I to know that I shall possess it?” (Genesis 15:8...
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israel landscape tree

Becoming a Disciple of Hope

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. Disciples of hope follow the leading of the Lord as they journey. The calling of Abram and the planting of the zerah in the soil. Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your...
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The Source of Hope

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. Principle 16: the source of Hope is the promise of God The vessel of Hope is a person (seed, offspring; “zerah”) The remainder of the story is about the Seed. Stages: The carriers The...
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hope in Christ

Hope-Based Discipleship

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. As we continue our study of Biblical hope, let’s take a look at hope-based discipleship. What is another name for disciple? A disciple is a student, follower, adherent, or believer. Who is speaking in...
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Garden of Eden fruit

The Fall of Man

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. In Genesis 3, the story of redemption begins with the fall of man “From whence cometh the serpent?” Why couldn’t the story just keep going without his appearance? If God knew what was going...
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Let there be light

The Spiritual Precedes the Natural

This article is a part of the Biblical Hope series. To start this study from the beginning, click here: Biblical Hope. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over...
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Leh Ladakh Old Fort

Mintu and the Girls from Taiwan

“The Kingdom of God is near you, even on your lips.” Romans 10:8 For Mintu, those words of Jesus became quite literal. Meeting at the Indus Guest House Mintu is a smiling young Hindu man, slight in stature, but eager to work as he caters to the needs of the residents of the Indus Guest...
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Obstacle or Opportunity? My Journey to the Himalayas

“Endure hardship as a good soldier.” 2 Timothy 2:3 I am not a hero and I am no fan of pain. Just ask my wife. The first sign of a cold and I act like I’m about to die. So, when I broke my hip six weeks before heading to the Himalayas, several well-wishing people...
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Leh Ladakh old town

The Jeweler, a Story of Leh’s Man of Peace

The dusty streets of Leh are lined with shops. They are also littered with stones from a “highway improvement project” that started years ago. I hobbled along, close to the edges, to avoid the traffic of all things moveable. Like much of India, there appears to be no rules of the road other than move...
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tibetan wilderness journey

The Irishman, a Story of Divine Connection

Kieran looked like a runaway. With his tattooed legs and arms, half-cropped European cut, and multiple earrings, he sat alone, diagonally straggled across the airport seat. It seemed like he was waiting for a plane that would take him far from his last foster home to freedom in the mountains of the Himalayas. Leh, Ladakh...
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My Father, Our Journey, and the Search for Authenticity

My search for authenticity began where my father’s left off. As I look back, I see he instilled it in me. It wasn’t taught by him, I caught it. His search was more difficult than mine because he thought he would find what he was looking for on earth. Somehow, I knew differently. The good...
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Jewish man praying at the wailing wall

Calev and the Subtle Nature of Divine Orchestration

I must have looked as disheveled to him as he did to me. As I stood to let him sit by the window, I said “Shalom,” to the man I will call Calev. He returned the Shalom and asked if I had gotten any sleep. It was about 6AM and the flight was already quite delayed...
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