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Operation Moses – Help Save a Life!

Operation Moses is a ministry of Be’ad Chaim, a pro-life organization in Israel

Operation Moses save a babyIn the land of Israel, abortion is on the rise with one in every four babies aborted.

According to an alternative-family organization in Israel, financial worries are the leading cause of abortions in Israel.

In response to this need, Be’ad Chaim launched the Operation Moses project which pairs a donor with a mother in crisis.

Operation Moses

Operation Moses is a form of “adoption” that pairs a donor (individual, congregation, prayer group, etc.) with a mom in crisis.

The donor receives an information packet containing the first names of the mother and baby, along with the baby’s birth date, photos, and various details concerning the birth so they can pray for her and participate in this momentous event.

After the birth of the child, the mother and donor will also have the opportunity to connect, if this is amenable for both sides.

Operation Moses gives every mother considering abortion all that she needs for the first year of the child’s life should she decide to keep the baby.

These needs include a baby bed, changing table, stroller, and bath delivered to her house once the baby is born. In addition, mothers are also given a supply of diapers and formula each month for the first year of the child’s life.

Due to the generous donation of monthly diapers, the current cost of sponsorship for each mother has been lowered to just $1,500. This donation will cover all of the costs of the baby’s first year–and can change the course of an entire family–bringing a new life into it, rather than sorrow and remorse.


Please consider “adopting” a mother in crisis for just $1,500! Partial donations are also greatly appreciated and will be paired with similar donations to provide full coverage for each mom enrolled in Operation Moses.

It’s quick, easy, and secure!

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