In times of Trouble…

Talk about a bad hair day!

It seems as if everyone has something to say about these strange days we are living in.

Well, I suppose it’s my turn.

As the news broke out about this worldwide virus approaching our shores and creeping into our neighborhoods, I took notice that I was not a primary target. Even though I am in the age group of the susceptible, I have a decent immune system and I am basically a healthy guy.
Then I heard the voices saying, “now is not the time to shrink back, but to go out and preach the Gospel.”
That’s what got me thinking.
Why should this be the time, when yesterday and the day before did not seem as important?
Soon I began to see verses pop up reminiscent of 9.11.
The most frequent quote I saw was from Psalm 91.

“Surely He shall deliver you…from the perilous pestilence,”
is the verse often highlighted.

Undoubtedly this is a tremendous source of comfort, but can we use this as a motivation to go against wisdom? I am not referring to the wisdom of the world, but the wisdom that comes from above. If we read this verse in context, it brings up a grave concern.

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Before God says what He will do as our refuge and fortress, He says where we will discover Him.

I love the Bible and I attempt to take God at His word. I have learned, though sometimes painfully, that taking His word out of context can be a dangerous exercise. God’s wisdom comes through relationship. In our relationship with Him, we ask for wisdom and He gives it. We do not hasten to do as we think is right, we do, as He knows is right.

I do not think this is the time to defy the natural order of things and go out and preach the Gospel, especially in churches. This is the time to discover the secret place in which we are invited to abide.

This is the first event in human history that has not only gone viral, but global. The threat of this virus may not affect all age groups, but all age groups can affect others with it. In other words, instead of affecting the world unto life, we can literally infect the world unto death, without even knowing it. The wisdom becomes clear at that point.

I am a risk-taker. Now though, the risk is in another category.
Is it possible that instead of defying the authorities, who we may feel are dictating to us a way of life that is contrary to God, actually consider that this may be a time that God has given us to truly discover Him and receive life-giving direction and preparation for a future in which we are just witnessing the opening scene?

The news and the numbers change daily. If ever we need to find shelter in the shadow of His wings, it is now. The time will soon come when we can go out with the life-bearing message we have gained individually in a way we never experienced before.

Then perhaps, the world will take notice that we have been with Jesus.

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