Understanding the times

Taliban in their newly owned nation

Our civilization is at risk.

I urge you to consider without bias the present condition of our nation and the underlying fear that has become a cultural distinction. Now in my seventh decade, I can say with certainty, that it has not always been this way. Clearly, there have been many times where fear rained upon us, but it never became an identity marker. As Americans, we have been known for our courage and determination to make our world a safer place to live.

But no longer.

We have a heritage of heroic ancestors who considered their lives to be a small part in a greater scheme for goodness to prevail. It was passed down for over two and a half centuries and out of each generation men and women arose who provided inspiration to make adjustments that would further benefit our role on the world stage.

Today we are severely lacking that leadership. We look to our Senate and Congress but find only a few men and women who are courageous enough to break the ranks and speak the truth, but they have limited authority. When we look to the President and his administration for leadership, it is frightening.

Without argument, our president is not capable of his role. Our vice-president is missing in action. The decisions or avoidance of have caused enormous damage and we are only nine months in. I can no longer look the other way and shake my head. When I do, I see my grandchildren. They will never be able to cope with the culture they have inherited and the demands placed upon them to conform to it.

Before your defenses rise up, be honest about the level of divisiveness you have allowed to infiltrate your own mind. Is it worth it? Is it ok that young adults see marriage as antiquated and the world not fit to bring children into it? There is so much more to consider that has wrongfully been embraced but the most pressing is our leadership. They have failed us and led our civilization on a path of self-destruction, whether knowingly or in ignorance. Neither is acceptable.

To be clear, this is not a call to revolt, it is a call for humility. Our greatest need is to acquire the wisdom necessary to see to it that this incompetent administration changes hands with capable leadership that is experienced, courageous and compassionate. This must be a grassroots movement without even the hint of tyranny. Violence is unacceptable because the wisdom we need comes from above.

This may sound radical because it is. For those who have been Biden supporters, please make the effort to urge your Congressmen to pressure the president and VP to resign from office. It would be the most patriotic thing they could do for our nation and themselves and for you and your family.

The motto of 9-11 is “We will not forget.” Apparently, Biden has and in so doing has left our nation and our allies in a very vulnerable state. His administration’s ignorance of Islamic ideology is mind-blowing. Their war against us is far from over. We must rise up and unite as a people who have been given much, and therefore much is required of us. We cannot expect a better tomorrow if we continue to live in division and strife.

It is up to the followers of Jesus the Messiah to take the lead and live as He intended in grace and in truth, not in fear and cowardice. His name becomes known when we speak and act accordingly.
The prophet Daniel was told that as the days grew darker, God would make a distinction. The deeds of darkness will ultimately fail,

“… but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”

“And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above.”‭‭ Daniel‬ ‭11:32‬; 12:3 ‭‬‬

It’s time for the light to shine.

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  1. Virginia Tobias

    You speak the words that are on my heart–a heart that aches for the changes I have seen in only nine months. It is for my grandchildren that I grieve. May their foundations be strong enough to stand against the horrendous lies being forced upon our people. Because we have been asleep at the switch, we have allowed this creeping, nauseous view of the world to prosper. While prophecy warned us of such times to come, we are not innocent for allowing it to happen.

    1. Paul Robbins

      How true, Daniel saw these days and trembled. We must stop trembling and take action in an honorable and fruitful way.

  2. David Rehak

    You say a lot there I can agree with, Paul. The problem that most people don’t understand is that it cannot change with this administration or that administration, the whole system has been so bribed off and corrupted and infiltrated by the big money “deep state” that it makes no difference if a Trump or a Biden is in office, you get the same special interests buying off both major political parties, and the same flawed policy results, domestic and foreign, it never ever changes—the welfare / warfare state (most of it profiting the ultra-rich while the poor get the crumbs), and a government devoid of moral and spiritual values and leadership, with a few exceptions as you mention. Rand Paul and Thomas Massie are two “stand out” exceptions in office who walk in integrity and risk speaking truth to power.

    Ultimately, in a free society the people are a reflection of their government. If you have a more moral people, you will have a more moral government. Although it seems clear we are living in grim prophetic times now, I stand with you “in grace and in truth”, and “may the light shine!”

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