Knee Deep

On a hot summers day, there is nothing like a cool stream, or body of water. Some run in and some dive, but most walk cautiously into the water. Once refreshed the tendency is to dry off and go on. Relatively few stop to consider the source. The Bible speaks invitingly of itself as being a stream of refreshing water. It’s message is brimming with life. Yet it seems complex, past finding out. And “what does Israel have to do with the Story, or more important, with me?” Comfort My People is a source of information and education to walk you from shore into the waters safely and come out refreshed, not perplexed.

The foundation of the Biblical story is God’s love for mankind. It is fully revealed in Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah. Out of His love comes the message of freedom. We are made to be free, which means freedom to choose. Because God knew that freedom was worth so much, in spite of the dangers of wrong choices, He released us to make our own decisions, accompanied by strong and continuous warnings to choose rightly because of the consequences.

Every generation is living beneath the shadow of wrong choices from previous generations. However each generation is responsible for the choices it makes, as is each individual. That is a problem. God’s solution involves a People. He tells His story through them in a land that He gives them. That place is Israel. It is like a canvas for God to display HIs artistry as He tells His story. The people are the Jews, they are like His brush—some strokes are colorful, others are not. Each stroke is meaningful. It is God’s canvas, brush and colors. His painting is alive and one day will become a masterpiece.

The painting is not solely about the Jewish people by any means. Nor is it about Israel. It is about the rescue mission and the One who came to the rescue. However if you remove Israel and the Jewish people from the canvas, the story becomes meaningless and quite difficult to comprehend.

Understanding Israel in the Story and the people whom God has chosen is what Comfort My People hopes to teach you. As you learn, you want to go deeper and the stream of life which you stepped into, begins to flow through you to others.

Why Israel

The biblical term “Israel” represents a specific people and place. They are inseparable in order for the story to make sense.

So why the Jew, and why single out one place called Israel?

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