Mourning to Dancing

Hope in Yeshua Will never Fail

Banchi is one of the Beta Israel single mothers living in Jerusalem. She made Aliyah from Ethiopia with her seven children. A team of social workers was able to send three of her children to boarding school, but even with that help, it was challenging to raise them.

Multitudes of Ethiopians seek to immigrate to Israel to flee from persecution, unrest, and poverty, yet many challenges await them in Israel. They are tribal people who have to adjust to a high-tech modern society. Most of them are uneducated and unskilled which makes earning a living quite difficult. Even worse, older children are marginalized because of language and cultural barriers. As a result, they easily fall prey to gangs, drugs, and crime. Far too many end up in prison. The government rescues them from Ethiopia but has limited resources to help them assimilate.
This is where our ministry partners–Amud Ha Esh–which means Pillar of Fire enter the story.
They are of the same people group with the same language and history. The difference is they have succeeded in the Land by the grace of God in Yeshua. In the same way, they disciple the youth, support single mothers, and provide skills training for both men and women. It is a process, but it must have a beginning.

For Banchi, the hope with which she arrived in Israel had completely vanished.

Her twelve-year-old girl got involved with drugs and nightlife, and she became difficult and disobedient, sleeping in the daytime, and not willing to go to school.

On top of everything, it was hard for Banchi to communicate because of the language barrier, which made her feel hopeless and frustrated at her cleaning job. She tried many times to bring her family together with her husband, but seven years ago, he moved to Haifa.

The constant pressures of life prompted her to commit suicide; fortunately, her ten-year-old son found her on the floor and called the police, who took her to the hospital. Because of this, government authorities took her children away from her, except for one daughter.

Hope comes to the rescue
One day a member of the Amud HaEsh congregation heard about her situation, visited and befriended her, and told her about Yeshua. Banchi accepted Yeshua and became a messianic believer. Her joy returned to her even though she longed for her missing children. 

The staff of Amud Ha Esh went to work. They helped her to hire a lawyer to get her children back. After a long battle, three of her children returned as well as visitation rights for the rest of them on weekends.

Now Banchi is the happiest single mother with Yeshua!

As a new disciple, she was immersed (baptized) in January 2022. 
We are so grateful for what the Lord did for Banchi and will continue to do as she follows Him.

They are so thankful for every one of you who has made “mourning turn into dancing” through your love and generosity.
May the Lord prosper you for the rest of your life.

Shalom and love in Yeshua!

“We wish you a blessing from Zion!”
~on behalf of Kokeb and Menalu~ founders and directors of Pillar of Fire, Jerusalem

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