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Shalom Mishpocha, (Family)

Lately, I have written about the condition of our civilization and how divisive it has become. There is one thing though that sane people can agree on, which is that our children are precious. A common saying across most cultures is that “children are our hope for the future.”

With that said, I am ecstatic to share with you, that Comfort My People has been blessed with a new ministry partner, Little Hearts Preschool. In an age when many have shifted their attention to exercise, self-defense, and survival—God has heightened our attention to the children–a people group whose angels stand before the Father unceasingly.

 Yeshua said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Our new season

Several months ago Marla and I entered a new season of living close by our four youngest grandchildren. It has been transformative and very humbling. They have taught us so much about simplicity and the joy of discovery. They are always seeking to learn something new and discover what is hidden in the world around them. When we join them in that process and assist in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect, it is so easy to sense God’s presence and approval.

In Israel, that has often not been the luxury of children. Along with their parents, they are subject to the harsh realities of living in a nation in which your neighbors threaten your very existence.

Not very long ago, for example, I was in Israel shortly after a tunnel was discovered beneath a kindergarten on a kibbutz near their southern border. In that sophisticated tunnel were weapons and explosives, aimed to destroy that kibbutz, after kidnapping their children. It was designed and built by Hamas. Ironically Hamas is known for using children as laborers in these tunnels, in which at least 160 have tragically died.

Thankfully they did not succeed. Nevertheless, Israeli children, who include Jews and Arabs, are subject to sirens blaring at any given time. When they do it is only a matter of minutes for them to rush to the nearest bomb shelter.

Children should not live like this, nor should they die in a tunnel.

Little Hearts Pre-School is doing something to counter that pervasive fear in their culture before it takes root in the hearts of the children. Their school operates on the Montessori model, which bases its premise on the belief that little children learn best when they are free to discover what they want most to learn. The school has a well-designed layout that provides activities, which promote that process. The staff assists them when necessary without interfering in a well-organized and orderly atmosphere.

Little Hearts takes it up a few notches with an exceptional approach, unheard of in Israel. The staff is made up of both Jewish and Arab Believers who work together to create a Yeshua–centered educational experience.

The children come from a variety of backgrounds but the parents agree to enroll them, fully aware of their biblical perspective.

That is astounding! It is one thing to do this in Israel, another thing to be located in Jerusalem. Even more so because of the neighborhood. The school is situated on the edge of the Old City. On one side of them is an ultra-ultra Orthodox Jewish community. On the other side is a view of the Dome of the Rock. Only a few blocks away is the Damascus Gate, which has been a hotbed of riots and violence. Islamic jihadists develop their ideologies in this region.

Yet within the confines of their facility, love has conquered and is capturing the minds of the precious children who grow up in the homes of Arab, Jewish, and Messianic families as well as foreigners living temporarily in Israel. I have known of this ministry for several years. One co-Director is a well-respected worship leader in the Messianic community. Her worshipful spirit is so genuine that I can only imagine how effective it translates to the staff and children.

Only recently has God given us the open door to come alongside them. In our initial conversation, I told them that Comfort My People functions because of the generosity of our donors. Our strength is relationship building. I believe–because God made it clear to me–that “relationships are the currency of His Kingdom.” Emily, the other co-Director was overjoyed to hear that because they admittedly need support, but only want it from prayerful, compassionate believers, who understand the dynamics of their ministry. They welcomed us with open arms.

My prayer is that they will be welcomed into your hearts as well.

Shalom and love,


“We encourage our children to see beyond differences and love one another as Yeshua first loved us, and we believe that this love will eventually change not only Jerusalem but the entire world.”        

Staff of Little Hearts


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