Melody of One returns!

There is a light shining brighter in the church today. It has been only a flicker for generations but is now preparing to blaze forth into the Nations. The Light of God, the Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the world, is beaming with laser focus to make clear His eternal purpose — that the ‘‘two — Jew and Gentile, would become one.”

Coming soon…

On April 16, 2023 in Jupiter Florida, we will witness this oneness in a Messianic worshipful event. Joshua Aaron– a composer, musician, and worship leader from Israel– will join Aaron Shust, an American Gentile with the same credentials to produce a melody that flows from the heart of God.

Prior to the concert will be a forum and Q&A session to discuss who is this one new man and why the church should be concerned. On the panel will be the “Aaron Brothers,” Steven Khoury, and Paul Robbins. The moderator is Michael Sust, Director of Vertical Fellowship Ministry.

Steven Khoury was born in Jerusalem. He is a Palestinian Pastor serving the gospel in areas of Israel to which few are able and willing to go. He has suffered much persecution because of his strong biblical faith, rooted in God’s covenants. 

Paul Robbins was born in Brooklyn and is a Jewish Believer and Director of Comfort My People. Over the years, he and Steven have become very close friends and allies to see “all Israel saved”.

In God’s plan the two people groups, who were at one time enemies, began to unite, not long after Jesus ascended. As a result, the light of the gospel spread into the known world.

It was never meant to stop, but it has…that is until recently. Today we are once again witnessing what God foretold from the beginning–that the two would become one–this time in a deliberate and lasting way. Whether or not you can come, it is time to participate in the melody of one. It is not only attractive but liberating, and…

It is also the only Middle East Peace plan that will not fail.

Shalom, and…

Stay tuned!

MELODY of ONE ticket options:

 Meet & Greet  3:15 PM

(Private session with Aaron Shust & Joshua Aaron) – – 

Panel Discussion  4:00 on “one new man” (Ephesians 2:14-16) and the current Jew & Gentile relationships in Israel and abroad. Panelists include Aaron Shust, Joshua Aaron, Steven Khoury, and Paul Robbins (moderated by Pastor Michael Sust)  Q&A to follow

Concert 6:30 PM doors open at 5:30

SILVER tickets include M&G

GOLD tickets include both M&G and the Panel Discussion

NOTE: Ticket holders will be guaranteed a seat for the concert. Members of Calvary Church are free to come if they signed up previously. 

For more details and to purchase tickets, click the link below.

Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust~~even their adjoining names tell the story of Melody of One

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  1. Mae Holt

    I’m paying attention!

  2. Beverly Trejo

    Looking forward to attending the panel discussion and concert! It certainly is time for the two to become “one” again as time is short and there is a great harvest waiting for workers to be busy spreading the gospel of Yeshua! Blessings in his name!

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