Dear Church…

Shalom Mishpacha,
One of the difficult aspects of studying the Bible is to keep in mind that it is one book.
When Paul wrote that all scripture was profitable, the only portion available was the Hebrew Bible, which Christians named the Old Testament. Sadly “old” has connotations to it, like “old shoes” and ”old folks.” It has something to do with value. So, when it comes to studying the Bible–whether it’s consciously or not–the New Testament gets priority.
Even God seems a bit old in the Old Testament. Consequently, we give it less attention and overlook what we are intended to learn.
That could become detrimental because God said,

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Recently, a survey by Lifeway Christian Research reported that 96% of Christians have not been influenced by their church about Israel.

It’s no surprise that 63% don’t believe the Promised Land belongs to the Jewish People!
Since the name Israel biblically means both people and place, that is like saying that Ireland doesn’t belong to the Irish, or Poland to the Polish. Try that equation with Russia and you may regret it.
These numbers will only worsen, as the truth becomes more and more marginalized in the marketplace of opinions. One thing is clear, if we don’t speak up for what we believe, that is if we do believe, then God will let us feed on our preferences but add leanness to our souls.

Even though sailing against the wind is tedious, drowning in the swamp is not an option.

I hope you agree, but lately, I get so little response that I feel what I say is inconsequential.
Could it be that identifying with Israel is fearful?
This is why your God-given feedback is valuable at this crucial time of history.
Even so, I am compelled to send out as many life rafts as possible, while I can, by every means available.

That is because I believe the church remains God’s plan for redeeming all mankind from a life of futility and an eternity of despair. Jesus said He would build it, but always intended His followers to work alongside Him. Like a man leaning on a shovel and praying for God to dig a hole, many Christians are biding time waiting for Him to return.
That is inappropriate and unacceptable.
If we agree that God wants no one to perish, but all to come to the knowledge of the truth, we need to start digging. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (old school way of listening to music), I must remind you that this will not end without a Jewish/Gentile coalition of believing disciples working according to His eternal purpose.
Jesus did the heavy lifting, but we must bear the heat of the day to finish the job. God designed us to work together as sons and daughters for our Father’s honor.
The night is coming when no man can work. (John 9:4)

If God were to send a postcard to the Church in America, what do you think it would say?

I believe it would look something like this:

Beloved Child,
If you long to know my heart, I sent it by messenger 3000 years ago
His name was Isaiah. The address is 40:1,2 at the center of the Bible.
It’s hard to miss, yet widely overlooked.

Sadly, too few have responded.

Timely message from Paul for our day

FOR MEN ONLY~a timely message

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  1. Erika

    Good one Paul. Here’s what I think right now about this, you asked:
    If God were to send a postcard to the Church in America, what do you think it would say?
    A: WAKE UP!‍♀️KNOW ME, not just the shows, events or buildings that say they’re me or about me!
    God wants us to Know His Heart and His Love, and it’s ALL THROUGHOUT HIS WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS FOR US IN THE BIBLE we’re Blessed to still have today. To help us finish this race we’ll!‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ Love you brother

    1. Paul Robbins

      Agreed Erika~Shalom and blessings!

  2. Victor Kalisher

    Dear Paul. Bless your heart! Your call will not return void even though at times it feels that it is a call in the wilderness, because it is the truth! And God will fulfill ALL His promises. May multitudes open their hearts and minds to this important call, especially in these days.

  3. Rob Langellotti

    Don’t lose heart Paul. I hear you, and Gods word never come back void.
    I have a new respect for Psalm 83.

  4. Bill Gunn

    Paul, yes, we love what you write from your heart, including your critique of how we Christians refer to the Original Scriptures, the Tanakh, as “old” when it is always new and alive and containing the new. We love the Tenakh as we read and study in English or whatever native language, but when we STUDY in God’s Hebrew language what beautiful amplification we learn!

    My work today is to challenge the Christian pastors I know in NJ, VA, NC, and FL regarding the Jewish Apostle Luke. It is a start for us to rid the mostly latent antisemitism by having pastors visit how they see Luke and why. Luke: Thought to be Gentile by Church Tradition, but Believed to be Jewish by Biblical Evidence.

  5. Mardi Harjo

    Thanks, and just know that you are not alone and unheard, brother. Your commentary speaks the sad truth about the church’s condition on this issue, and it needs to be addressed.

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