Have We Been Left With No Solution?

Many folks are still concerned about what is going on in Israel–how and when will it end–and who is the bad guy?

On the other hand, far more people have lost interest and have enough to be concerned about. Besides, Israel is just another country, so why all the attention?

Since you have read this far, I assume you are concerned.

For your sake, I will continue because I believe there is a solution, and you can be–if not already–part of it.

It is time for confrontation.

Not against people but against the ruler of this world.

Anti-semitism is a spiritual issue that is being played out in the Middle East like a Broadway sensation. It is intriguing that the heads of state from every “civilized’ nation are offering their counsel as if they had one.

To be sure, there is no political solution. Even Hitler couldn’t solve it in his day, though he exhausted the resources of his nation and most of the continent including 15-20 million Europeans who spilled their blood needlessly following his evil intentions. *

If only he knew that the Jewish people would never be destroyed completely because God has promised to preserve them forever–which means they must survive. In fact, that is why many Jews volunteered to serve in this war. They know that God cannot be true if the Jews no longer exist. His Name is at stake. To them, it is their reasonable service. Sound familiar?

Speaking of familiar, “…according to His eternal purpose” should be a familiar phrase, but I don’t think it is.

Does that ring a bell? It is only found one time in the Bible, yet it is God’s solution to end the endless onslaught of the enemy against the Jewish people throughout all time, wherever they live. (Eph2:14-16)

Jesus initiated the solution on the cross when He ratified the New Covenant with His blood.

Jesus followers have been given the solution

What was once previously hidden was then revealed and the ancient hostility was destroyed. It came with the new birth through Jesus the Messiah that makes men/women complete. Thus, making peace.

It is like an old car with a new combustion system.

They began to function with new operating equipment. The word of God was written on their hearts and minds so they would do it. Love became the fuel that drove them to live purposely. Hatred was reserved for evil, not people. What seemed impossible for centuries became a reality as Jews and Gentiles began loving and assisting one another for a common purpose—to establish the Kingdom of Jesus the Messiah and uphold justice.

There you have it.

The terms and capability for peace in the Middle East are the same terms today that made peace possible in the first century. This includes peace in marriage and family life.

So why don’t we see it in our time?

Is it simply because Satan is the ruler of this age, or are we ignorant of his devices and our authority?

Ignorance is combatted by proper education, but deception must be defeated by the Spirit of the Lord. The early church realized both and united to live according to the eternal purpose of God, not manufacture another Tower of Babel, like men are prone to do.

Every political solution forced upon Israel since 1948 has failed miserably, yet within the nation are Jews and Arabs who are living peaceably and supportive of one another.

It is because the new nature is available only through Jesus, the Messiah.

But credit where credit is due.

Satan realized that his only defense to the growing movement of Gentiles coming alongside Jews was to divide and conquer.

His weapon was theology.

All he needed was to point to Jerusalem and insert doubt in the minds of Christians emerging into the second and third centuries.

In 70 AD the Roman emperor, Titus destroyed the Temple, the center of Jewish life. In 135 AD Hadrian set fire to the entire city, murdering almost two million Jews and forcing others to flee.

When the Christians glanced toward Jerusalem, they saw a wasteland. In the absence of understanding, a new thought was conceived.

“Did God really say that the Jewish people were made to be a blessing to the nations (Gentiles)? Isn’t He judging them for denying and even killing your Savior?”

“Can these Jews be trusted?”

From that supposed thought, two theologies developed, both in agreement that God was done with the Jews. The first school taught that the Jews in their homeless, wandering, destitute state were like Cain who was forced to wander as an example of God’s punishment. Hence, Christians should never welcome them in their lands.

The other school taught that Christians had to fulfill what Jesus intended–punishing them by elimination. They would do so in the name of Christ.

By 325 AD the second school prevailed and has lasted ever since. Not all Christians want to eliminate Jews. I believe it is a contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, far too many for far too long have acknowledged that the Jew has been rejected by God. It’s not the church’s concern if He wants to save them in the future.

The result has been a separation of Jews and Gentiles from developing meaningful relationships for over 1700 years.

The enmity that Jesus destroyed on the cross was rebuilt thanks to biblical illiteracy and demonic assistance.

Satan knows that the “One New Man” is the greatest threat to his kingdom. Together, believing Jews and Gentiles were empowered to be a witness of the manifold wisdom of God to the forces of darkness. These once hostile foes displayed the unfathomable love of God and His righteousness to those who lived in darkness. It was the church bursting into action, undeniably her finest hour in history. (Ephesians 2 and 3)

The effect the early church had on society was enormous. It permeated the most powerful empire on earth and spread into all the known world in its time. At the same time, the entire New Testament (with the possible exception of Luke) was written by Jewish believers.

Jesus followers are the solution

The “one new man,” which was an answer to Jesus’ prayer on His last night, had seemingly gone the way of the dinosaur until recently. It was so rarely taught that relatively few Christians are familiar with the term.

People are beginning to discuss why is it that the Jews are still so hated. Israel is wondering why the nations still hate them. Christians have the answer, but it takes courage to enact it.

Only followers of Jesus have been born again by the Spirit of God. However, hatred and inactivity are a matter of the soul. That is where the emotions form and decisions are made.

Fortunately, many Christians are recognizing they have embraced what’s been passed down but refuse to allow false teaching to triumph.

Love always wins, but the victory belongs to those who fight its battles.

The Jews will be here tomorrow, but today they are still without answers that only believers can offer.

That is why Comfort My People exists. We serve as a conduit of truth and fellowship to the indigenous in the Land of Israel who are working creatively and sacrificially to let their people know that God has not abandoned them, nor are they any longer despised by true Christians.

It is a long road, but we are making many breakthroughs.

My appeal to you is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and ask God where Israel–which means the people and the place– fits into your thoughts, prayers, and action.

 As believing Jews and Gentiles, we are here to offer the world God’s solution for peace if we do this together. Communication is key.

Let me know how this blog and the overall message of Comfort My People has affected you–if at all.




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