Ankle Deep

In recent years I have heard repeatedly these words from Christians in different ways—

“I feel the need to study the roots of my faith,”
“ I have this magnetism towards Jewish people even though I don’t know any,”
“I’ve been thinking about the Jews so much lately that I’m thinking of having my DNA tested to see if I am one!”

More often though, I will hear this:

“ I know very little about Israel or the Jews because my pastor never really taught much about them. But now I feel like I need to know.”

If either of these categories strikes a chord in you, you may be in the right place. The ministry of Comfort My People is here to give you an understanding of what is missing or misunderstood. In Hebrew there are a couple of ways to say welcome. One is “Bevakasha,” which basically means “please,” but the word picture is of someone answering the door and with arm extended is saying, “please come in.” So grab a cup of something, have a seat and begin to explore what your heart is longing to know.


Comfort My People is currently being formed into a 501c3 non-profit.

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