October 2022 Israeli Advocacy Tour

Israel is a testimony to God’s faithfulness. Four thousand years ago He told Abraham that he would always have descendants and they would always have a land of their own. He repeated that promise to Isaac, and then to Jacob and his children. 

Israel exists as do the Jewish people: against all the odds. It shows who God truly is: a promise keeper. If you have yet to have seen or experienced this impossible promise, pray about joining our upcoming trip. We call it the Israeli Advocacy Tour. 
Each day of this unique tour we will visit Biblical and historical sites which will elevate your faith to new levels. And as incredible as the sites are, the true highlight of our brief journey are the people. The tour features visits to and from Comfort My People Messianic ministry partners who are sharing the good news of Yeshua and serving those who are most in need in Israel – their own homeland.
There is much to see as proof of what God has done, and, through the work of modern day disciples of Yeshua, proof of what He is doing now. Please ask Him if you should be a part of this life-transforming opportunity. Join us for this life-changing, educational experience!


Item #1

"There are two aspects of my tour which impacted me deeply: meeting the Messianic believers in the land; and seeing the scriptural connections involving the Old Testament and the New, prophecies, and the land.

I could not recommend this trip strongly enough. I have already encouraged multiple of my friends and acquaintances to take the opportunity to join a CMP IAT. Everyone's experience will be different, because we are all unique and have individual ways of relating with the Lord. But for anyone who goes, believer or unbeliever, asking God to reveal himself, there will be something amazing."

Item #2

"The holocaust museum, and everything that went with it was life changing.

My visit with the guys at En Gedi, and our brief discussion that "they didn't care about things the had been dead for thousands of years, they just cared about the living and wanted to be left alone". That was very eye opening.

The sites we visited, of course were meaningful, the ones that meant the most to me were, the tomb, the boat on sea of Galilee,, garden of gethsemene, (Not counting holocaust museum)"

Item #3

"I thought that being in the land and walking where Jesus walked was going to be the best part of the trip. I was focused on what HAD happened in the land. Once there, I discovered that it is more about what IS happening in the land right now and what WILL happen in the future. Going to the biblical sites was great. It confirmed the basis of the Bible. However, I came back more interested in learning how God is working in the land now and confirming His covenant with the people of Israel.

I would recommend this particular type of tour because the focus is where it should be, on God. It really covers the past, present, and the future. It shows where the important foundations of our faith were laid in the past. It shows where God is at work now (the ministries that we visited). And, it paints a picture of what the Bible says is the future."

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October 18 - October 31, 2022

Estimated Cost - TBD
(May vary depending on final hotel costs)

Price includes all transportation (including airfare), accommodation in premium class Israeli hotels, breakfast and dinner buffets daily, modern buses with WiFi, and all scheduled sightseeing fees.

Here are some of the amazing things we will experience :

  • Visit several Biblical and historical sites
  • Meet Messianic Jewish Israelis and Arab Christians
  • Meet Messianic soldiers
  • Hear from Israeli ministry and congregational leaders
  • Join in worshiping the Lord with a Hebrew worship band
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Pray beside Israeli Jews at the Western Wall
  • Sail on the Sea of Galilee
  • Opportunity to be immersed in the Jordan River
  • View the Old City from the Mount of Olives
  • Take Communion in the Garden Tomb and much more
Join us! This will be 10 days you will never forget. ​

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