The Milkman Story


This book offers a path to a meaningful and joyful way of life for both Jewish and Gentile seekers of authenticity and truth.

"The Milkman's story is somewhat biographical, somewhat didactic, and somewhat apologetic. His life in Christ should be required reading for any pastoral candidate."

— Xlibris Publishing · Press Release, 2021


Paul Robbins

Paul was born in Brooklyn to Jewish parents, whose families migrated from Eastern Europe.

As a child of the turbulent sixties, he set out on an adventure in search of significance and authenticity. He is now the Director of Comfort My People, a ministry to the Jewish people in Israel and beyond.

He is married to Marla and they have four children, nine grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He can be reached at

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“I have always been challenged by Paul Robbins’ teaching — he speaks with a soft voice but rich wisdom born of his heritage. In this book he brings a fresh perspective to the age-old existential questions we all ask and arrives at undeniable, practical truth.”

International speaker and best-selling author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart

“The Milkman Story is a trove of treasures. Through Paul’s amazing life-story and the impact of one authentic Shepherd, it offers simple, ordinary life moments in which we can reflect and discover the profound Kingdom of God transforming the ordinary, not through man’s wisdom or skills or strength but through God’s love. This is a riveting journey for the heart, mind, and soul.”

Author, International Speaker and Founder of LOVEWORKS

Comfort My People is currently being formed into a 501c3 non-profit.

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