The Most Important Book I've Read About
Christians and Jews

"I had no idea the weight of this book when I first opened it. Perhaps it wouldn't be "light reading," but I didn't expect the magnitude of what awaited me. I never thought it would change me. But when I read the words, and the words traveled from my eyes and brain to my heart and soul, I felt all at once stunned and moved by the mystery that was revealed."

— Reader Review · Amazon


Paul Robbins

Paul was born in Brooklyn to Jewish parents, whose families migrated from Eastern Europe.

As a child of the turbulent sixties, he set out on an adventure in search of significance and authenticity. He is now the Director of Comfort My People, a ministry to the Jewish people in Israel and beyond.

He is married to Marla and they have four children, 10 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He can be reached at

Get Inappropriate, by Paul Robbins at:

Highlighted Reviews

“Paul Robbins changed my perspective of Jewish history. As a seminary graduate I prided myself on being knowledgeable about the Jewish experience but this book revealed truths that shook me to the core. The author’s interpretation of the parables related to end times instilled a new hope for humanity. I am no longer content to sit on the sidelines.”

The time has come to bring Jew and gentile believers together in a genuine koinonia (fellowship) where a shared love for the same Messiah will cause the church and the world to stand in awe.

Chaplain Alex Taylor (Ret.)—Florida

I highly recommend this book! It nourished and challenged my soul.


This book is anointed, beautiful, and powerful because it is truth. It flows yet pulsates. I am equally impressed and fascinated.

Bo Barredo

Comfort My People is currently being formed into a 501c3 non-profit.

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