Why Israel?

The biblical term “Israel” represents a specific people and place. They are inseparable in order for the story to make sense.

So why the Jew, and why single out one place called Israel?

The reason is that God has used Israel to point people to Himself. The story of Israel is an historic record for all to read and understand. It is an invitation for the reader to see God’s heart for a people who repeatedly failed in their mission and yet held on to His promises, even when they were hurled into the Nations where they were despised and mistreated. They understood God had called them for a purpose and recognized they avoided it time and again. Nevertheless, God in His faithfulness kept His promise and gathered them again to the same land He had promised. He has preserved them as a people to fulfill what He had formed them to be.

The Biblical narrative ends with the infancy of the Church. In order to know how that went though, we need to study Church history. Without going into detail, the history of the church has not turned out as well as it should. In fact it looks as bad as Israel’s, and for some of it even worse. The church assumed in large part that because the Jews were driven from the land of Israel, God must be done with them.

But now we know that was not the case. Israel has been born anew as a nation, and the Jews have returned from the four corners of the earth as God predicted.

So why should the church now pay heed to Israel? I believe there are three simple object lessons and one underlying truth.

#1 - A Level

As a level our belief system needs to stand straight and allow the level to see how we are aligned. If we are out of plumb, our stance will falter and we will ultimately fall.

#2 - A Compass

As a compass, we can gauge our direction. If we are heading “true North,” we will arrive if we stay the course, if not we willl arrive in foreign territory.

#3 - A Timepiece

As a timepiece, we can look at Israel’s current condition in reference to the prophetic word and current events and recognize how close in time we are to the midnight hour before Jesus returns.

Perhaps the best indicator though is the proper relationship with Israel, which means people and place. The underlying truth is that God gave the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a mystical piece of operating equipment which He called “the Blessing.” The Blessing was given to them to give away so that all the families of the earth and the Nations of the world would be blessed.

To be blessed is to be fully satisfied and at peace. Until recently it has been misunderstood, but now is come into light. Spiritually, the blessing is Light. It is the tangible display of the life of God in the Messiah Jesus. As the community of Messianic Believers, a unique combination of Jewish and Gentile Believers in Yeshua grows, this “Blessing” of spiritual life and physical provision has begun to shine in the Land and spread into the Nations as God originally intended. The “Blessing” is God’s secret weapon against unbelief. The enemy knows that he has no defense when we believe God at His Word.

“ The people who have been living in darkness have seen a great light.” Today more Jewish people are coming to faith than we have seen since the first century. This light is just beginning to go into the Nations like a “blazing torch.” (Isa 62:1)

Why Israel? The answer is simply, God chose them. He chose them to bear the burden of being a blessing. The Good News is that the blessing is yours when you bless them, God will bless you. When you are blessed, you will be a blessing—filled with light and life.

We want you to be well informed so that you will become spiritually alive and actively pursuing your calling. Keep measuring yourself with Israel as an indicator to maintain your spiritual health and direction. Ask yourself; “Is my life fruitful and effective?”

The time is now to make corrections.

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