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Stewart and Chantal Winograd are the co-founders of Reach Initiative International. Their passion is to see the widespread despair that trailed Jewish people throughout history be met with the love of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. They have been ministering this tangible love to Jews living in 3 continents. In the Himalaya Mountains of India, they have a guesthouse where Israeli soldiers come to find the meaning of life through eastern mysticism. They come to India in the thousands each year, many leaving as unsettled as when they left, if not more so. The opportunity for truth to be exposed in an atmosphere of genuine love is so valuable. In Belarus, they have started congregations amongst the Jewish population that has been victimized by anti-Semitism of both the Nazi regime and Soviet Communism. Out of those ashes, have come joyful effective men and women who have become witnesses and laborers in their communities, serving orphans and widows with food and clothing and the liberating news of Yeshua. In Israel RII is serving Holocaust survivors in several cities throughout the Land with humanitarian goods.They are a strength and unifying agent within the Messianic community.

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