Lech L'cha

The Hebrew phrase means “Go forth.” It comes from the conversation that God initiated with Abram in Genesis 12.At Lech L’cha, it is a soldier’s call because their ministry is a discipleship-training ministry for soldiers who have finished their call of duty in the IDF. In Israel the armed forces are mandatory 3 years for men and 2 plus years for women. It is a very emotionally and spiritually challenging environment for these kids who either grew up in the Messianic community or recently gave their lives to Yeshua. The battle in Israel is one that is waged in the streets, shopping centersand coffee shops as well as the thousands of rockets pointed at their population and tunnels excavated into their communities. Every effort is made for total destruction of the Jewish people. Lech L’cha is there to provide a two and a half month discipleship program that deals with the initial need for comfort. Through learning the biblical path of worship, study and service, these young people become equipped to actively and joyfully serve in their own congregations or any place the Lord leads on a daily basis as did the New Covenant disciples. Answering the call of “Lech L’cha” is a journey from Abraham to the call of Jesus to “Go and make disciples.” That blessing that Abraham wasgiven has been resurrected in the Messianic community and it is going forth into the Nations as intended.

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