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The Bible Society in Israel

An Update from Victor Kalisher:

Dear Friends,
Despite the difficulties, we are seeing more openness to the gospel, especially among young Israelis. The majority of our society is secular but there is also a large group of religious Jews. However, neither group recognizes Yeshua as the Messiah. We are witnessing amazing encounters with people regarding the Messianic hope of Israel, Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah. At times it results in salvation, but regardless we continue to sow seeds of eternal life among the people of Israel. People who were wrongly taught about Yeshua and the Word of God are given the opportunity to respond to the call of God on their lives. A woman came into our shop one day and started to ask about the meaning of "pastor" and "Messianic communities." As our general director began sharing with her, a Jerusalem pastor stepped into our shop and joined the conversation. She explained that she was a French Jew with a religious background. Our director and the pastor asked her to read Isaiah 53. When she finished, they explained what she had read. She began to cry as she understood this new meaning and said, “I can now see that Yeshua is indeed the Messiah of the Jews. I feel that a curtain has been removed from before my eyes.” She left our shop with a French/Hebrew parallel Bible (newly produced by the Bible Society). She is now being discipled at the congregation of our pastor friend who shared with her that day.

Located in the beating heart of Jerusalem on the border between the New and Old Jerusalem, The Bible Society in Israel has an outreach center and a bookshop. Both of these enable them to engage people of all backgrounds. From this central location, the ten staff members produce outreach and Scripture-based materials as well as conduct outreaches around the community.

Their focus is primarily to reach and inform the Hebrew speaking community regarding the life-giving message of the Gospel. They have become a vital resource for the growing Messianic body in Israel.

Changing Hearts

During the recent years we created a variety of resources for outreach as well as for the Spiritual growth of the local body. For the first time ever, we were able to bring full Tigrinya Bibles for Eritrean refugees in Israel. Beforehand we had only new testaments to distribute. Beyond this, we have also produced the only fully annotated Bible. Even though there are Bibles in Hebrew, it is easier for an English speaker to understand his Bible in English than for a Hebrew speaker to understand his Bible. The reason is that the Old Testament is as old as 3000 years and many words have changed, disappeared, or are not in use today. Our annotated Bible will give the meaning of difficult words in the text. We hope and pray this Bible will bring the word of God closer to the heart of people.

Indoor & outdoor

Recently, an Orthodox Jew came to the Bible Society seeking answers. There was another believer with us who was a great teacher. The two entered into a conversation in which the teacher explained challenges that the Orthodox man had in understanding the Christian faith. Why would God require a human sacrifice? How can Yeshua (Jesus, the Messiah) also be God? After their talk, we gave him a New Testament and encouraged him to read the Sermon on the Mount. After reading the story he said, “I love Yeshua, I love Yeshua! I know that Jewish people will never be able to reach our calling to be light to the nations by rabbinical teaching and knowledge, but only through the teaching of Yeshua!”

Please pray for our ministry

  • Please pray for us as we engage people in the work of the Lord here in Israel.
  • Pray for funds to print the Word of God, and produce new materials.
  • Pray for new staff and office space to continue our ministry.

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