A ministry to the Jewish people in Israel and beyond

The River of God Brings Life to the Nations...

...and it flows from Jerusalem.

~Ezekiel 47

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You are probably here because of your interest in Israel and the Jewish people. You are not alone. Our goal is to educate, inform and inspire you to transform your interest into understanding, and your understanding into action.

 Learn what God is now doing in Israel to reach His people and bring the life-giving message of their long-awaited Messiah.

   Join us in prayerfully supporting Jewish and Gentile Believers who minister in creative, inspirational, and Biblically sound ways to reach those who never heard that a Jewish baby was born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago to be  their Savior and King.


Join us for our 2020 Israel Advocacy Tour! Take part in this incredible opportunity to walk where Jesus and his disciples walked, and to gain a new perspective on what his followers are doing there today.

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Understanding the times

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Miriam’s Story (part two)

Soon after her salvation, Miriam abruptly vanished, leaving no trace of her whereabouts for over five years. The father of her child had become violent

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