The Milkman Story

The Milkman Story is about Jesus.

That may offend some of you, but don’t take your mouse and run. Not just yet.
I had no choice, even if I wanted one. In fact, I had no personal plan to write it. I just knew it had to be written. The “Milkman,” was Al Isaksen, a man who made such a positive impact on so many people (my wife and I included), that I became convinced there should be a chronicle of his life. When I approached him about my idea, he gave me an uncharacteristic, “No.” “The world does not need another book,” he said, “especially one about me.”

I told him it wouldn’t be about him, it would be about the One who became His life and the way that life affected others. A week or two passed and I called again. He asked how the book was coming. I assumed that was a green light. The next logical step was to ask my friend, Rob, an accomplished writer, if he would be willing to write it. I would try and get the funds together. Off he went to NY to spend a few days interviewing some folks who were close to Al. He came back deeply affected and said the book had to be written, but that I should be the one who writes it. This time, I was the reluctant one. Now, after eight years, the book has taken shape, which I believe God intended, and one which will hopefully leave an impact on you, the reader.

"The world doesn't need another book," he said, "especially one about me."

Pastor Al was a milkman—he delivered milk for a living. When he came to Jesus, he continued to deliver, but instead of dairy, it was a message, the message of Life. I happened to show up on his route. Like the milk was to the milkman, so the Gospel became to the pastor. In each case, he remained faithful, and the product did its work. His role was to deliver it fresh from the source. The Milkman Story is biographical, but it is not a biography. It is the story of any life that has intersected with one whose life intersected with Jesus. It may already be your story. But it may not. In either case, as they say in Kenya, “Karibu,” which means, welcome. You are welcome here.

The Milkman Story can be anyone’s story. It is all about the “source” and the effect it can have on a willing vessel. As milk can promote physical growth, the message of faith in the Messiah can produce spiritual life. It is what we all need. Life with Jesus is an adventure. It is not dull. Too many for too long have given the wrong portrayal of what this walk is about. Pastor Al was not perfect, but he was faithful to believe that Jesus was alive and well and He was true to His word. That is how he lived and that is how he served. As a result, he made a positive difference in countless lives. Wouldn’t you like to do the same? Stick around and join the story. Karibu!

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